How it Works

A community website is a great way to inform local residents about what is happening in the neighbourhood, enable people to have ‘conversations’ about issues that concern them and feed those to the local authority, housing developer or other agencies that can take action.


The community websites are available to everyone with the relevant skills, regardless of age, ethnicity or location – a very mixed, inclusive community. They can be particularly helpful to isolated, disabled or housebound people who may have limited means of being involved with their local communities.

Websites are a safe way to join a community and share ideas and concerns. Some residents feel empowered to take issues further because they have identified allies whom they might not otherwise have met. It allows neighbours to meet each other for the first time because of involvement in local campaigns that community websites can foster.    


The community websites are run entirely by volunteers whose role is to build content and moderate the many forums that the website hosts.  Anyone can join the web community, provided they actually live in the development, and members become the main contributors, raising awareness of local issues and campaigning for change.